About AAA

Auto Audio, Accessorries and Air-Condition Traders Association (AAA) of Malaysia was establisted in 1993 with an objective of preserving Malaysian auto accessories market from monopoly of auto producer.

During the time, the Malaysian government was aggressively pushing the auto industry - this had given strength to the local auto accessories market. The reason was, the new car that was being handed over to the owner then had not installed even audio, air-condition or anti-theft system.

However, auto producers gradually sold their cars with some of the accessories. This posed serious threaats to entrepreneurs in the auto accessories sector. The last straw came when the government passed an act which compelled new car to be installed with six auto accessories, including audio, anti-theft, anti-rust and air-condition.

The forefathers agreed that if the sector has no representative to communicate with the government, similar incident would harm the auto accessories sector as a whole. This was when Auto Audio, Accessories and Air-Condition Traders Association of Malaysia formally founded.

The association has an objective of communicating with the government to ensure that the auto accessories sector is well-protected. It also aims to resolve problems or conflicts that any member may be facing.